Participating in CO:RE

How you can participate and get involved in the development of CO:RE

The CO:RE project aims at developing a European knowledge platform on digital technologies in the lives of children and young people read more about CO:RE. What makes it different from other knowledge platforms in this field is that it is structured along a range of activities tailored to bring actors in academia, education and policy-making together and to foster dialogue with as many stakeholders and interest groups as possible.

CO:RE | Zoom Meeting April 2020

May we introduce…

The dialogue between science and society has never been more critical. Finding sustainable solutions and answers to societal challenges can only be achieved through close exchange with as many stakeholders and interest groups as possible. Advisory Boards and Ethics Advisors are important bodies safeguarding these science-society relations and thus the quality of a project.

CO:RE Webplatform

Our timeline for year 1 – Conceptualisation

With the start of the year, the CO:RE project has picked up speed, and our WP teams are hard at work. Every other week, we get together via video conference and exchange on the current status and upcoming actions. The first year of CO:RE is entirely dedicated to conceptualising the CO:RE Knowledge Platform. In the second year, we’re focusing on the (technical) implementation of the knowledge base and making it available to you. And lastly, in the third year, all applications will be checked, and their usability will be improved and adapted where necessary. All three phases are designed to involve you, i.e., you researchers, educators, parents, policymakers, and so on.

CO:RE and the Generation Z

We’ve got an announcement to make…

On 16 January 2020, the CO:RE project members met at the European Leibniz Office in Brussels for the first time. Over the next three years, the project partners will work on building a knowledge base on the online experiences of children and young people. The aim is to make available studies, findings and data sets, and to identify pressing issues for the digital lives of children and youth. Together with people and organisations working in education, research and policymaking, CO:RE works for making a better future online.