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Newsletter 08/21 H2020 No 871018

While some are enjoying their summer break, others have already returned, sent their kids off to school again, and went back to work. In the past few weeks here at CO:RE, we hosted webinars, published blog postings, held our summer school at Tampere University, and planned activities for you to get actively involved in further developing the CO:RE Knowledge Base as a powerful resource for educators, researchers, families and policymakers.

🗣️ Invitation to CO:RE Co-Creation Sessions in September


📅 Tuesday, 21 September  ⏰ 16:00-19:30 CEST


📅 Thursday, 23 September ⏰ 16:00-19:30 CEST


📅 Tuesday, 28 September ⏰ 9:30-13:00 CEST

Our colleagues Veronica Donoso and Sophie Smit at  European Schoolnet are inviting teens between 14 and 16 years, primary and secondary teachers, as well as parents association representatives to participate in online European co-creation sessions in which they develop visual prototypes of an educational toolkit on topics related to children and online media (e.g., digital citizenship, hate speech, cyberbullying, online well-being, etc.) that will be released in 2022. If you are interested in taking part, please read more here and contact

If you know someone who could be interested in participating, we would be grateful if you would share our call with them.



💭 New CO:RE blog: “Why and how are young news users ‘coronablocking’? – Here’s three things you should know”

This blog post is the first guest authored piece published on CO:RE, and we couldn’t be more excited. 🎉 Ruben Vandenplas, Pauljan Truyens, Sarah Vis and Ike Picone from Vrije Universiteit Brussels report on their study looking at covid news avoidance in young people and identified three ways in which users reshape their media repertoires to avoid news. Read about their findings here and learn more about their work.


🎬 CO:RE Theories Vlog Series | Understanding Children’s Online Lives

Mariya Stoilova and Sonia Livingstone, our colleagues at LSE, have produced an insightful vlog series (Introducing: The CO:RE Theories Vlog Series) and just recently released another episode. This time, Amanda Third, professor at Western Sydney University, reflects on her disciplinary origins and epistemic roots and talks about her work, the ideas, theories and concepts that inspire her and her view of the role of theory in research. Watch/listen here and find the full playlist of all episodes on our YouTube channel.


🎬 CO:RE Ethics Webinar Review | Digest blog & recording now online!

What ethical dilemmas arise when engaging in comparative and longitudinal research with children and young people? How do these dilemmas influence different stages of the research process, including planning, implementation, analysis and data sharing? What strategies can we use to navigate this difficult terrain, and how effective are they? Read more to learn about the speakers’ positions and watch the full webinar!


📌 Event Reminders

euCONSENT Conference: 📅 Thursday, 09 September 2021 | ⏰12:00-16.30 CEST

Safer Internet Forum ‘21: 📅 Wednesday-Thursday, 06-07 October 2021


Stay healthy and stay tuned.

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