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Newsletter 02/22 H2020 No 871018

We hope you all started well into the new year. We here at CO:RE definitely did, given your positive uptake of the CO:RE Knowledge Base beta version we launched mid-December. Now we're heading into our last project phase with full force and are focusing on completing all functions, features and elements of our Knowledge Base, reviewing and evaluating it and improving it before the end of the project duration in December 2022. In this last phase, we rely on your input more than ever and are grateful for any feedback you would like to share with us via email or as a direct message to one of our social media channels, linked at the bottom of this newsletter.



🎞️ Watch: Presenting the CO:RE Knowledge Base

On this year's Safer Internet Day, we released a short introductory video explaining the CO:RE Knowledge Base, its functions, features and elements. This clip makes explaining to a colleague what CO:RE is and does so much easier. Share it with them, and they'll learn all there is to know. Watch the video here on our YouTube channel!



📃 New CO:RE Short Report and Blog Post: Children'sChildren's data and privacy 

In the latest short report on key topics, Andra Siibak and Giovanna Mascheroni discuss the datafication of children's and young people's lives and the implications on parenting, education and policy-making. You can find the short report published here on SSOAR! 

Maria Muruuma-Mengel and Signe Opermann zoom in on this topic by telling the story about the "datafied childhood of Jane". Read the blog post here!

In previous issues of this series, Jussi Okkonen discussed digital learning environments during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, and Sonia Livingstone and Mariya Stoilova updated the popular 3Cs of risk classification to the 4Cs of risks.

The short report and blog series on key topics are coordinated by Veronika Kalmus (CO:RE at University of Tartu).



🎟️ CO:RE Event Calendar launched

You can also find relevant events related to children's and young people's digital lives at the bottom of the CO:RE Knowledge Base'sBase's start page. Any suggestions on events to be included here are more than welcome! ☺️

Speaking of events: The ECREA submission deadline ends soon (17 February). ☝️🤓

Stay healthy and stay tuned.

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his project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 EU. – The mechanisms to promote smart, sustainable and inclusive growth DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-07-2019 – The impact of technological transformations on children and youth under the Grant Agreement ID 871018. The contents of this newsletter reflect only the authors’ view and the Commission of the European Union is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.