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Newsletter 06/21 H2020 No 871018

It's almost hump day for the CO:RE project. We've invited many inspiring speakers, hosted lots of thought-provoking webinars, and published many insightful reports and blog posts in the last few months. You can read up on them or watch some of the recorded events - you can find it all on our website. Apropos website: The next few weeks will be intensive because we are about to convert our website into a knowledge base. That will be exciting!! We will keep you posted.

🗣️ Save the Date | CO:RE Theories Webinar: Online Opportunities for Children

📅 Monday, 12 July 2021 | ⏰17-18.30 CEST | 🎟️ Register here!

Online opportunities bring diverse benefits for children, including positive outcomes on learning, participation, creativity, and identity. An important “ladder of opportunities” for children in Europe, digital technologies can activate the potential for social inclusion, equality and children’s rights. Even so, relatively little is understood about how online opportunities generate benefits for children. Opportunities for children have long been theorised, but how should they be rethought in a digital world? In this webinar, Sonia Livingstone and Mariya Stoilova will debate the theories and concepts that underpin such questions, drawing on different disciplinary approaches. Read more about the invited speakers and register for the event! And if you like the event, please share it with your networks on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and ResearchGate!


🎬 CO:RE Ethics Webinar Review | Digest blog & recording now online!

Talking about research integrity, everyone seems to agree that it is vital to good scientific practice and helps maintain trust in science. But what does this imply for researchers? And how can we ensure research integrity in everyday research practice? Read more & watch our webinar on research integrity!


💭 New CO:RE blog: “Drone-Boys and VR-Grannies against Bad Hackers”

Have you ever wondered how you can bring discussions about children’s opportunities and risks online into “everyday life” in a way that engages people across generations? If yes, then you’ve pondered on the same questions as Diana Poudel. She developed a fascinating board game and its success in bringing topics of digital literacy to the table surprised her and everyone playing the game. Read the blog posting by Maria Murumaa-Mengel and leave your comment!


🎬 CO:RE Theories Webinar Review | Digest blog & recording now online!

Technologies are spreading into all aspects of our lives via smart devices, internet of things, augmented reality and data profiling. Children’s lives have become digital by default, with digital technologies the taken-for-granted means of playing, seeing family, doing schoolwork, hanging out with friends in a post-COVID world. But where does the digital begin and end, what does it include? Is it really the case that we can no longer distinguish between the offline and online? Should we talk of digital technologies, or the digital environment, or the digital era, or the digital world? Or, just, the digital? Read more & watch our webinar on children and the digital environment!


👩‍🏫 CO:RE Methods Summer School | Sustainable Digital Life: Methodological Aspects (5 ECTS) 

📅 02-13 August 2021 | Application deadline was 7 June, but a few open spots are still left!! | 🎟️ Read more & apply here!

This course, offered by our CO:RE team at Tampere University, enables students to focus on the sustainability of research with children and young people in digital environments from a qualitative perspective.

Stay healthy and stay tuned.

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his project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 EU. – The mechanisms to promote smart, sustainable and inclusive growth DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-07-2019 – The impact of technological transformations on children and youth under the Grant Agreement ID 871018. The contents of this newsletter reflect only the authors’ view and the Commission of the European Union is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.