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With the start of the year, the CO:RE project has picked up speed, and our WP teams are hard at work. Every other week, we get together via video conference and exchange on the current status and upcoming actions. The first year of CO:RE is entirely dedicated to conceptualising the CO:RE Knowledge Platform. In the second year, we’re focusing on the (technical) implementation of the knowledge base and making it available to you. And lastly, in the third year, all applications will be checked, and their usability will be improved and adapted where necessary. All three phases are designed to involve you, i.e., you researchers, educators, parents, policymakers, and so on.


Year 1:


Year 2:


Year 3:

Application and Evaluation

Figure 1: Overview of the timeline

What are the goals for year 1?

Additionally to the overall objectives of the CO:RE project, the main aim is to develop the knowledge platform in terms of structure, content and technology. The central tasks include, amongst others:

  • to set up all project-related processes
  • to clarify the (technical) requirements for the knowledge base
  • to develop the coding scheme for relevant studies and data sets
  • to explore emerging issues, as well as related theories, methods and ethical questions
  • to identify emerging problems from relevant stakeholder groups and their expectations of the CO:RE Platform

In the coming weeks and months, members from the various work packages will contact relevant actors and ask them for their views and opinions. Besides that, we are sedulously planning our workshops and discussion groups. Therefore, we would appreciate your support to allow us taking up as many different perspectives as possible.

How to find out more about the project and the ongoing processes?

The CO:RE project offers a series of communicative measures to keep you up to date and participate in the development process. Especially, our blog posts are published here regularly in the future to keep you updated. We will also regularly report on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn about what is happening in the project and how you can get active. As CO:RE is an interactive platform, we also welcome your suggestions on current studies and publications on children’s online experiences. You are welcome to send them to info@core-evidence.eu.

We are looking forward to receiving your suggestions, ideas, questions and comments..

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