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credits: Wall GmbH
Recommended from our networks #OurInternet Published: 17 Mar 2024

German Campaign Against Online Hate Speech

A new Campaign in Germany is advocating for tolerance, respect, and empathy in online interactions and to raise awareness about the harmful impacts of hate speech and cyberbullying, while empowering individuals to take action against such behavior. As part of its campaign they wrote an open letter to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, that you can view and sign here.

The Campaign is spearheaded by the German Initiative "Hate Aid", which has the goal to strengthen Democracy in the Digital Sphere. It strives to make the digital world a positive space for all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, or any other differentiating factor.

As part of its Mission HateAid provides immediate support and legal assistance to those targeted by online hate and harassment. Thus they empower individuals to confront and address instances of digital abuse, reclaiming their online dignity and security. If necessary they also provide specific advice from trained counselors for those affected.

Furthermore HateAid educates politicians, the judiciary and business about hate on the internet and develop concrete solutions to strengthen basic democratic values in the digital space.

On February 13th, HateAid and the German competence network against hate online, published a nationwide study “Loud Hate – Quiet Withdrawal”, that states that every second person withdraws online because of hatred.

Picture Credits: Wall GmbH

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