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Staying up-to-date on research and evidence

This section contains up-to-date resources about children and digital technologies (e.g., reliable websites, blog articles, reports, etc.), for teachers, practitioners and policymakers recommended by CO:RE and by our own stakeholders. Through these recommendations we want to ensure that the educational toolkit also provides practical resources on children and online media that are relevant for educators and other professionals working on these topics.

For further reading and recommended resources see the sections here below. These resources are recommended for you by CO:RE, based on their relevance to the topics discussed in this Education Toolkit. They offer practical insights and additional information that educators can use. You can find platforms, other topic specific toolkits, resources for teaching and learning such as lesson plans, workshops, or infographics.

Resources from CO:RE

Next to CO:RE’s own resource recommendations, we asked our network of Safer Internet Centres to identify and share the best resources for educators about children and digital technologies. Their selection can be consulted here below.  

External Resources

During the development of this Education Toolkit, an open call was launched via the CO:RE social media channels to ask participants for their best recommendations of good quality resources for educators about children and digital technologies. You can find their recommendations here below, these are suggested by young people, people working in education, schools, research, government, decision-making, civil society, NGO’s, organisations working with children, higher education, organisations providing teacher training and courses, Safer Internet Centres and others. KindersuchmaschineNational Advisory Council for Online Safety (NACOS)

External Resources

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