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Key areas of research ethics: How to deal with breaches of research integrity and incidental findings?

This key area outlines central considerations about research integrity that arise in various phases of research. Furthermore, it provides a general introduction to the topic and addresses a number of key researcher questions to provide more in-depth information under relevant headings. We also provide links to related resources. 

  • What steps can I take to report a suspected breach of research integrity?

  • What agencies will be able to assist in addressing this situation?

On this page, you also find resources to help you to understand what research integrity is and how it is relevant throughout the research process. The resources include animated films, key readings, webinars, blogs, links to our Zotero library and more.


Research integrity is about conducting research in a way that promotes trust in science. Research users need to be able to trust that scientists have taken measures to conduct research that complies with professional and ethical standards, in particular with regard to truth, reliability, accuracy, respect and beneficence for research participants.  Research integrity therefore relates to both the scientific integrity of the research that has been conducted and to the professional integrity of individual researchers and research communities. In spite of the importance of research integrity things can and do, go wrong in scientific practice. But how can and should these situations be dealt with? What opportunities are available to address and report about issues or concerns that arise?

A reading list and other resources you may want to check out...

Watch the CO:RE animated movie to help researchers explain kids' rights as research participants

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Video: "Have you been invited to participate in research? Then you should watch this film."; a resource for researchers working with children and young people. | License: CC-By-NC-SA | If you should have trouble loading this video or want to see this movie in other languages, you can watch it here on our YouTube channel. | Please cite as: Staksrud, E., Ní Bhroin, N., Torp, I.S., & Johannessen, L.O. (2022). Have you been invited to participate in research? Then you should watch this film. Retrieved DD Month YYYY, from

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