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Key areas of research ethics: Further resources, regulations and rules

In this section you find an overview of resources, regulations and rules that complement the thematic sections around which the CO:RE Compass for Research Ethics is based. We have collated these resources as we have developed the CO:RE Compass both through searching for relevant literature, guides and resources and through our interaction with researchers, students and other stakeholders at various webinars, consultations and conferences throughout the CO:RE project. If you have additional resources that would be relevant to share on this page, please do not hesitate to let us know via the feedback buttons provided. 

The resources we link to include key readings, animated films, webinars, blogs, links to our Zotero library and more. 

Our reading lists

Our blog posts

Our webinars

Our animated film

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Video: "Have you been invited to participate in research? Then you should watch this film."; a resource for researchers working with children and young people. | License: CC-By-NC-SA | If you should have trouble loading this video or want to see this movie in other languages, you can watch it here on our YouTube channel. | Please cite as: Staksrud, E., Ní Bhroin, N., Torp, I.S., & Johannessen, L.O. (2022). Have you been invited to participate in research? Then you should watch this film. Retrieved DD Month YYYY, from

Valuable resources on research ethics

Our work in the theories and methods toolkits and much more...

More toolkits & resources

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